XPLAN Solutions and Advisory

At YTML, our XPLAN team of specialist has extensive hands-on advice and technology experience that understands advice businesses. We have proven experience working end to end consultatively with the largest to the smaller boutique businesses providing the best XPLAN solutions to meet their business needs. We can assist clients who are new or transitioning to XPLAN as well as businesses who want to take their XPLAN solutions to the next level.

Our XPLAN Services

Practice, Technology & Advice Design

  • XPLAN Health Check and Recommendations
  • Advice Document Design
  • Advice Process Design
  • Business Process Improvement
  • XPLAN specialist customisation advisory
  • Advice Technology assessment and transformation project management

Advice Design & Development Solutions

  • Fact Find
  • Reverse Fact Find
  • Online Fact Find
  • Client Online
  • Prime solution
  • Full to Limited Statement of Advice (SoA)
  • Advice Reviews
  • Records of Advice (RoA)
  • Investment Portfolio Progress
  • Management and pipeline reporting

Administration & Configuration Support

  • Site administration support
  • Licence and capability management
  • Corporate branding
  • Site customisation
  • Interface and fields design

Workflows & Tasks Management

  • Automated leads process
  • Automated advice process
  • Automated campaign management process
  • Automated emails/letters process

Datafeed Support

  • Datafeed set up
  • Ongoing datafeed maintenance
  • Datafeed troubleshooting

Adoption Training

  • Training workshops
  • System change management specialist
  • Training guide


  • Technology integration to your business systems
  • XPLAN integration to your website
  • XPLAN integration to your advice tools
  • Reporting solutions that taps into XPLAN data like never before

To gain a competitive advantage and to experience the YTML difference, contact us. One of our specialists will contact you and happily provide information on how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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