Centralising Template Management

Imagine if you could manage multiple templates using one solution and making changes from the solution that will be applied across the library of linked templates. The powerful, yet user friendly solution will enable compliance and quality control oversight, reduce the resources and change management process required to maintain the templates on an ongoing basis. You can with Stable!

Stable intuitive and powerful solution have been used by the largest to mid-sized businesses to create and manage their templates across their business with ease and provide compliance peace of mind.

How tool have been used by some of our clients:

One of our big 4 bank client uses Staple to centrally manage Advice Document templates (SoA, RoA, Review SoA, FDS, Portfolio reports) for their various advice technology solutions including XPLAN, COIN, Midwinter and in-house bespoke financial planning solution. Staple allows the dealer group to manage the different advice templates cost effectively without the requirement of a large team to maintain all the different templates. The change management process is simple where changes to the template are done quickly and with ease such as legislative, product or strategy changes. All changes can be tracked and reported for quality control and provides compliance oversight and peace of mind.

Benefits of

Reduce Cost - Document Modularisation

  • Update only a single component in a document, and apply that change across all linked templates within the document library, thus significantly reduces cost and work efforts.

Improve Quality Control and Document Control

  • Improve document control and quality by centrally managing all your documents and templates within Staple.

Efficient Workflows & Reporting

  • Be efficient and transparent with your document development with Staple's fully featured issue tracker, custom workflows and audit reporting capabilities.

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