Excel converted to Web Apps

Imagine if you could turn your in-house excel tools into powerful and engaging client web applications that can be used for all devices – mobile, tablets & desktop. You can with Highlighter!

The Highlighter innovative solution have been used by the largest to smaller businesses to convert their excel tools into intuitive client centric applications for clients to use.

How tool have been used by some of our clients:

  • Online Client & Adviser Fact finder
  • Advice client engagement modelling tools
  • Complex modelling tools
  • Complex fee calculators
  • Insurance quoting

YTML partner with to provide a platform for their risk quoting tool. The tool was converted into a simple client tool where real time insurance data was connected to the tool to produce a quote for the client/adviser. At the end of the quote, the user could produce a Quote Report and the data was send back to the business system so it could be tracked and reported. Implementing this project took two weeks.

Benefits of

Control and manage your own tools

  • Perform all your updates and enhancements in your excel tool as normal
  • No need for any coding developers and web developer. No business requirements is lost in translation in the covert

Affordable Cost Effective Solution

  • Converting excel tools to website application at a faction of development cost
  • Ongoing savings of up to 95% maintenance cost compared to other development methods

Engaging tools for clients via website

  • Differential your business and add value to your client experience by having your own set of applications linked to your website or advice software.

Powerful Innovative Solution

  • Integrates with your business systems with the application
  • Produce Reports in PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Sends emails

Rapid Development Process

  • Simply upload your excel tool into Highlighter
  • The tool is now ready to use instantly on the website
  • Check out and start using the tool on the website

Protect intellectual property

  • Protects your excel tool by converting the tool where users will not be able to view coding in the excel tool.

To gain a competitive advantage and to experience the YTML difference, contact us. One of our specialists will contact you and happily provide information on how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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